Shipping & returns

All our shipments are made via SEUR.
The maximum delivery time is stipulated in 3 days from receipt of the order, except that you there is no stock in that moment, you weekends and public holidays.
As soon as your order from our warehouse sale you will receive an e-mail confirming it. The Messenger will take you to his home. In case of not having anyone provided that the Messenger had access to a mailbox will leave you a note.

All change or return must be previously authorized by Extremaduraencasa.comand you must be requested by e-mail, together with the reasons for the request, within a period of 72 hours following receipt of the goods.
Upon receipt of this message we will proceed with arranging the return. The method is as follows: we will contact the customer to inform you of the acceptance of the return and the delivery address which must indicate clearly on the packaging. You must give us the product within 7 days from the date you received it in its original packaging.
This deadline we cannot accept returns. The amount of freightIt will be borne by the customer, both on the first delivery as of the subsequent return.
Return collection request only will be through its usual Agency, customer will facilitate the collection of the product date and time will proceed to refund the money once you have received the product and found that it is in perfect condition; throughout the process we will keep information contacts.
Very important: to be food products, for health reasons, we do not accept product returns once opened.

It is out of money-back guarantee:
-If once delivered suffers from deterioration caused by: external facts, accidents or non-compliance with the operating instructions.
-If they are damaged by improper handling of the product by the customer.
-In the event that a manufacturer conditions so indicate it.
-If the change is due to an error by the client (is wrong to place the order) it shall bear the cost of shipping.
-In the event that the cause of the change or refund was due customer will receive the merchandise requested, or if the amount of the product, free of charge.
-To accept a change of refund, the product must be in perfect condition and with all original content.
Extremaduraencasa.comyou will not accept changes if the packaging of the product are not the originals and these are not in perfect condition. The final packing must be protected in such a way that is received in perfect condition.

VERY important at the time of receiving your order must follow the following instructions:
Check the package when they delivered it is, if you notice any damage to the packaging, open it immediately and check the content, if it is damaged or lack something, please note any damage or shortage on the delivery of the carrier or delivery of post receipt. And to communicate this to Extremaduraencasa.comwithin a maximum of 24 hours.
If not done so it will be impossible to claim to the carrier and ExtremaduraencasaIt will not assume responsibility.