In power it is calledinlaya piece, usually of ground beef and seasoned with aromatic herbs and different spices)paprika,pepper,garlic,Romero,thyme,clove,Ginger,nutmeg(, etc.) that is introduced ("embedded") in skin of hog casings. Natural gut is the real creator of the great taste of natural inlay for their great qualities in the cure of these. His form of healing has made to be easily maintainable over relatively long periods of time.

The development of inlay, in general, passes through two distinct phases:

  1. ChoppedandSausage.For thetraditional productionor home of these products is used onemachinespecific, responsible for makingminced meatand using a blade chop meat and in a second operation, stuffed it into pork gut skin.
  2. Curing. This phase is very important when it comes to having an adequate capacity for the conservation of the final product, to monitor the stability of color and final formation of aroma. Depending on the type of sausage is curing in different ways.
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