The Iberian pig only survives today in Extremadura (mostly in the province of Badajoz), and to a lesser extent in the western part of Andalusia and Castilla-León.

The Phoenicians, the Carthaginians, and especially the Roman gourmets, praised already since more than 2000 years ago the qualities and above all the exquisite taste of ham from Iberian pigs and the rest of their products. This breed what it called Iberia, currently Spain; has been preserved in Extremadura to the have been preserved also the dehesa (let us not forget that Extremadura is leading Spain in conservation of the ecosystem, and Spain's turn at the head of the European Union); and also to be a kind of growth and fattening lower than other breeds of swine.

The particularity of the unique taste of the exquisite black leg ham, lies in the animal has been raised and fattened with these (the holm-oak, the dehesa majority tree fruit), and mainly in adipose tissue of the Iberian pig grows also of intramuscularly in the thigh; being this unique and exclusive feature in the pig. This is the reason that although we criásemos another breed of pig with Acorn do not acquire such exquisite taste.

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